Global Business Culture Consulting

Bridge cultural differences and maximise your international presence.

Growing beyond your country’s borders is rewarding, but comes with difficulties: unfamiliar compliance intricacies, benefits designs, languages and cultural expectations. Navigating these nuances, while possible, is time consuming and challenging.

Other countries often have different ways of doing things, but you can still translate your sales, social and stylistic strategies into international success. You just need the right partner to help you guide your platform with precision.

NFP’s international expertise lives in the details. Our global business culture consulting team combines experienced leadership with proprietary data to provide seamless team integration and exemplary client care and service to help enable your current or growing international footprint and empower you with the ability to solve some the pressing challenge of keeping your culture alive aboard and alleviate those barriers to successful entry into the global market.

Country-Specific Training

The key to your company’s global commercial success is knowledge. If you want to work efficiently and effectively in multiple countries and across different continents, then this solution will help you with your cultural approach.


Culture Awareness Training

With culture, language and geography issues to consider, working with colleagues in different countries can be difficult.

With extensive experience in over 40 countries worldwide, NFP’s global business culture hub can help you improve cross-border effectiveness and efficiencies with the skills and knowledge to help your teams work together more effectively.

 Global Virtual Team

Working online across the globe is challenging. As having one global, virtual team operating in multiple countries around the world becomes increasingly common, more organisation confront key questions:

  • Who sets the benchmarks?
  • Who decides what good leadership looks like?
  • How do you avoid things being missed?

We offer highly practical, interactive training interventions designed to help teams work effectively and efficiently.

Coaching and Mentoring

It’s important for executives to understand the most effective ways to manage overseas employees. Unfortunately, many executives must make decisions affecting overseas colleagues, clients and other stakeholders with very little knowledge of the specific impact these decisions will have in that different country. We offer training and advice to better enable executives and managers to make informed decisions and better manage a multicultural, global workforce.

Value Exchange Training

Social media is seen as a key tool for achieving maximising international capabilities for multinational companies. Our team delivers the insight, advice and support packages to guide from implementation to social cultural mastery within your organisation.

World Business Culture

The key to global commercial success is knowledge. If you want to work effectively across countries and continents you need access to high quality information and local experts so that you can efficiently navigate today’s complex global commercial environment. Our international consulting team can help you expand your culture of success worldwide while simultaneously adapting that culture to your organisation’s new international landscape.

Expanding business operations to the world beyond your business’ national borders means even more complexity when it comes to managing your culture, your people and your data.

Let NFP simplify your endeavour with experienced teams and targeted solutions calibrated for long-term success.

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