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Translate your culture of success.

Expanding a business culture across your own and new languages, currencies, practices, policies and people brings difficulties for any expanding business. However, whatever the challenge, it’s nothing our experts haven’t seen before. NFP’s HR services team are change experts — passionate, tactical, flexible advisors who love helping organisations improve performance by supporting their people.

Dedicated to providing the personal touch essential to success, with a 25-year track record that gives us the experience to handle large, difficult projects, our network of experts can support you on a local, national and international basis to keep your culture thriving.


Outplacement is a service designed to support those people leaving your organisation as a result of redundancy, helping them successfully transition to their next opportunity — whatever that may be.

Virtual Outplacement

In addition to our face-to-face availability, we also deliver outplacement support virtually from a peer-level career coach who will work with your employees until they secure their next opportunity.

Executive Outplacement

Our team has a proven track record of helping senior executives secure the right next opportunity. A career transition for a senior executive can be complex, which is why we do things differently while helping board members and senior executives. NFP’s executive outplacement specialists engage on a confidential basis, providing attentive, intelligent strategy and support.


Career Transition

Whether your organisation aims to tap into a new talent pool and engage in succession planning, or you’re an individual looking to take the next step or a change in their career, we’re here to help you make the most of your changing work.

 Organisational Change & HR Services

As HR organisational change experts, we define the total change project, building and allocating the right resources to the right job with a flexible approach. We combine the expertise of our skilled advisors and your own resources to build powerful delivery teams while staying cost-sensitive.

 People Development

We have a knack for helping organisations and their people to create significant, sustainable positive shifts when it seem extremely challenging or even impossible.

By enabling people, leaders, teams and organisations to perform at their best, we help the people within your organisational thrive, even in the ever-changing and often complex employment landscape.

Wherever you are in your professional or organisational development, we’re here to support you with the tools and expertise to take your business to the next level.

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